Affinity Connextions & The Legendary Tommy Chong have come together to introduce this exclusive Rewards Card!

Affinity Connextions is taking the next step in the MMJ revolution. We are connecting the industry leaders, finest dispensaries, head/smoke shops, suppliers and powerful advocates to valued patients with a program that benefits all.

Member Benefits

The Affinity Connextions program encompasses many benefits for those who register:

  • FREE to join!
  • Members will collect valuable Affinity Connextions Tokins at participating dispensaries, head/smoke shops, online retailers and ancillary businesses, where every dollar spent earns 1 Tokin.
  • Earn 50 Bonus Tokins for signing up
  • Tokins can be redeemed online for merchandise via our online retail partners
  • Tokins can also be donated to participating charities
  • Registered Members can login to our website to find the nearest participating dispensaries, head/smoke shops, and retailers, get program and event updates, and check their Tokins balance
  • Members will have the option to earn Bonus Tokins at participating dispensaries, head/smoke shops, websites and ancillary businesses

Dispensary Benefits

The Affinity Connextions program not only benefits its members but also provides participating dispensaries, head/smoke shops and ancillary businesses with the following:

  • Association with the Tommy Chong brand
  • Upon sign up, your business mentioned on Tommy Chong’s social media accounts
    • Your business placed in front of 7+ million followers!
  • Geo-searchable retailer listing via zip code look up
  • Acquire new patients & customers
  • Members are motivated to earn rewards, which will lead to increased sales and improved customer retention
  • Expand your customer base
  • Increased customer frequency
  • Retain existing patients & customers
  • Offer custom & exclusive promotions
  • Dispensaries, head/smoke shops can use the program to communicate specials and promotions directly to members
  • Retailers can access valuable customer data to gain insights and to help them target their communications