How Medical Cannabis Helps Relieve PTSD Symptoms

Cannabis is known to many as a way to cope with anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). More and more veterans, first responders, and victims of abuse and violence are turning to medical marijuana as a replacement for other pharmaceuticals that are less effective and come with side effects. Governments in Canada and the United States are just now beginning to actively study how cannabis can actually treat PTSD and help those suffering from it. Continue reading “How Medical Cannabis Helps Relieve PTSD Symptoms”

5 Terrible Marketing Ideas for Dispensaries You Should Avoid

Every business needs effective marketing and advertising. It’s an important part of getting your company noticed, as well as showing your creative side when introducing new products and promotions. However, normal advertising and marketing habits hit a snag when you work in the cannabis industry. Continue reading “5 Terrible Marketing Ideas for Dispensaries You Should Avoid”

How Medical Marijuana Can Help with Sleep Disorders

It’s easy to equate marijuana with relaxation, which is one of the many reasons why people all over the world use medical marijuana. Not surprisingly, research has shown that cannabis has many different effects on our sleep and can be used as an effective sleep aid. Medical marijuana can not only help insomniacs get some rest but it also treats other sleep disorders like sleep apnea and helps people who awaken nightly from PTSD or chronic pain. Continue reading “How Medical Marijuana Can Help with Sleep Disorders”

Marijuana Dispensaries: How to Retain Your Customers

Whether your marijuana dispensary just opened or you’ve been helping happy customers for years now, it’s always necessary for businesses to focus on retention. Your customers are everything to your business, and showing them you value them and appreciate their loyalty should be a key point in your marketing strategy. The medical and recreational marijuana market is expanding fast—if you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. Here are some ways you can make sure your customers keep walking through the door. Continue reading “Marijuana Dispensaries: How to Retain Your Customers”

5 Tips for Starting a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana is no longer something you have to seek out in back alleys. Across North America, medical marijuana is becoming a more popular form of treatment, and research is constantly discovering new and exciting ways to use cannabis to treat a variety of illnesses. If you’re looking to jump on the cannabis train and open a dispensary in your area, you’re not alone. Continue reading “5 Tips for Starting a Medical Marijuana Dispensary”

The Future of Cannabis in the Workplace

Almost 60 percent of the American population lives in a state with some form of cannabis legalization. As more and more states begin to adopt marijuana legalization, business owners must adjust and analyze their current drug policies. With federal regulations resistant to change, it can be hard to understand if or when your business needs to shift its drug policy and where you should look for assistance. Continue reading “The Future of Cannabis in the Workplace”

Your Guide to the Best Indica and Sativa Strains

The amount of variety when you walk into a dispensary these days is staggering! With new hybrids appearing on the shelves weekly, it can be overwhelming to know what strains are worth a try. Many of the best marijuana strains regularly go at top shelf prices and fly off the shelves. However, to help you spot them before they vanish, we have narrowed down the top indica and sativa strains to watch for in 2017. If you see any of these pop up on your dispensary’s shelf, grab some before they sell out! Continue reading “Your Guide to the Best Indica and Sativa Strains”