The Future of Cannabis in the Workplace

Almost 60 percent of the American population lives in a state with some form of cannabis legalization. As more and more states begin to adopt marijuana legalization, business owners must adjust and analyze their current drug policies. With federal regulations resistant to change, it can be hard to understand if or when your business needs to shift its drug policy and where you should look for assistance. Continue reading “The Future of Cannabis in the Workplace”

Your Guide to the Best Indica and Sativa Strains

The amount of variety when you walk into a dispensary these days is staggering! With new hybrids appearing on the shelves weekly, it can be overwhelming to know what strains are worth a try. Many of the best marijuana strains regularly go at top shelf prices and fly off the shelves. However, to help you spot them before they vanish, we have narrowed down the top indica and sativa strains to watch for in 2017. If you see any of these pop up on your dispensary’s shelf, grab some before they sell out! Continue reading “Your Guide to the Best Indica and Sativa Strains”

The Advantages of Vaping Medical Marijuana

Over the last few years, vaporizers have increasingly grown in popularity. What once were large table-top devices are now sleek and simple hand-held vapes. With so many ways to consume marijuana, why are vapes so popular? Many traditional smokers are switching to vaping, and it has arguably become the preferred method of consuming marijuana within the medical community. In some countries like Canada, where medical marijuana is legal, vapes are even considered a medical device. Below are some of the benefits of vaporizing medical marijuana. Continue reading “The Advantages of Vaping Medical Marijuana”

7 Medical Marijuana Stats You Need to Know

There are many misconceptions about medical marijuana, but more research and exposure means there is more information on the use of marijuana than ever before. Currently in the U.S., 29 states allow the use of medical marijuana and eight states permit the use of recreational marijuana. In Canada, efforts are underway to legalize recreational use of marijuana nationally by mid-2018. Continue reading “7 Medical Marijuana Stats You Need to Know”

9 Questions to Ask the First Time You Go to a Marijuana Dispensary

Your first trip to a dispensary can be a daunting and confusing experience. If you don’t know what questions to ask, it is tricky to leave with the right product. Lucky for you, most dispensaries these days won’t last unless they have educated staff ready to answer questions and give advice. Here’s our list of the top nine questions you need to ask the first time you go to a marijuana dispensary. Continue reading “9 Questions to Ask the First Time You Go to a Marijuana Dispensary”

What’s the Best Way to Consume Marijuana

With legalization slowly trickling through the nation, there are those who are nervous about marijuana. They are not concerned with the drug itself, but rather the method of taking it. Smoking cannabis is not for everyone. The burning throat and cough is not appealing and the stigma around smoking may be stopping others from trying marijuana. Continue reading “What’s the Best Way to Consume Marijuana”