Chemotherapy Treatments More Effective with Cannabis

There has been a lot of news recently about studies showing the potential in cannabis’s cancer fighting properties and its use treating the symptoms of cancer treatment, but none like this one. A new study conducted at St. George’s University in London has shown that the active components in cannabis, cannabinoids, can help cancer patients get better results when their treatment includes chemotherapy. Continue reading “Chemotherapy Treatments More Effective with Cannabis”

6 Different Ways to Consume Marijuana

Who doesn’t love experimenting?! Today there are so many different ways you can enjoy consuming marijuana. Each method produces a different and unique experience with a wide range of effects. With such a variety of different products, strains, and methods, both new and experienced users can always be on the lookout for a new favourite way of ingesting cannabis. Here’s a rundown of six ways you can consume marijuana. Continue reading “6 Different Ways to Consume Marijuana”

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Marijuana

  1. Makes You Thinner!

Ok, that may be a stretch, but regular marijuana smokers were found to be less likely to be obese, and have lower BMIs when compared to non-users in a recent study. The interactions of cannabinoids in the part of the brain that regulates appetite may have something to do with this, but no one’s complaining. People with lower BMIs tend to live longer and be at a lesser risk for a variety of diseases. Continue reading “9 Surprising Health Benefits of Marijuana”

Meet Weed Woman. Our newest team member.

As over  200 cities around the world prepare for this Saturday’s 19th Annual Global Marijuana March I’d like to introduce myself.

High, I’m Weed Woman.

My name is Tracy Curley and I hold the esteemed title of Weed Woman Canada along with two other counterparts (Ajia Mae Moon, Australia and Adela Falk, USA).  I’ve also been a legalization and cannabis dignified access activist for almost 15 years. Continue reading “Meet Weed Woman. Our newest team member.”